Online Casino and Poker Business — To White Label or Not

In one of the recent gaming industry events that we attended, I overheard a conversation between two males and one of them told the other that having a white label gaming site is a way to make quick money online. I tend to not totally agree with this statement.

The speed advantage that a White Label gaming solution has is the period till when one actually starts the gaming site, as the only task will be that of integrating the games within a freshly designed website and then go live. You basically avoid the bureaucratic process of applying for a gaming licence, forming sets of documentation, going through rigorous technical audits, paying legal, application and licence fees, and in some jurisdictions you are also required to register a company in that same legal system. With a white label solution you do not need all this and you can still have an online gaming site within a regulated licensed platform.

It normally takes a month or more to have your poker casino gaming site fully in business and online, and then it is up to you to drive traffic towards your site. For the white label client, the owner will take care of the rest. The administration of your site will be processed on a daily basis leaving you ample time to pay attention to your online strategy. Your owner will monitor all registered players and ensure that deceptive individuals enter your database, all financial transaction related to depots and withdrawals take place through secure online payment gateways. Even the transaction fee is taken care of by the owner. บาคาร่าออนไลน์ มือถือ

Online players need constant attention and it is important that you offer good back-up and support in all the dialects of your target markets. There are few players who claim endless loyalty to a gaming site so because of this the active gaming cycle on a particular site may vary from weeks to a couple of months. Customer maintenance is all in your hands. Creativity in marketing and customer maintenance is of great importance in our competitive online entertainment business and one can only target the right players by knowing the players themselves. You can either to set up and manage your own back-up and support team or else allow owner handle this task for you.

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