Truthfully On the subject of GPS Cellular phone Phone Tracking.

GPS cell phone tracking technology is currently available on most cellular phones manufactured after early 2005. FCC regulations require all new cellular phones produced next date to have the tracking device within the phone. This is spawned after 911 attacks and first on the war on terror. It can be the result of the requirement to find lost individuals and people who have dialed 911 and are unable to provide location information.

Cellular phone carriers generally do not monitor or track the phones of these subscribers. Additionally implied FCC guidelines allow the tracking feature to be found in cases of emergencies. monitor gps Despite these guidelines some carriers have contracted with so called location-based service providers. For a fee these companies use data given by cell phone carriers to offer GPS tracking information. The legality of those services many times depends on the local or state government regulations. Cellular phone customers understandably are extremely wary of intrusions into their privacy and sometimes sought legal remedies to guard themselves. Some feel it is just a violation of these 4th amendment rights underneath the constitution.

The GPS technology that is incorporated into cell phone handsets is not the same since the units found in your car or truck that you utilize to navigate the roads of this country. GPS auto tracker technology is simply not just like that found in cell phones. With regards to the carrier and the sort of cell phone hardware used the location data may be continuous or only available each time a location request is made. phone tracker All these differences make tracking an individual cell phone that you do not own or have a legal fascination with very troublesome at best.

Despite all the online hype the bottom line is that accessing cell phone tracking information on your girl friend or business competitor is generally unavailable and most likely illegal.

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