Top 5 Water Sports in Stockholm

Stockholm is a city built on fourteen islands, with 57 bridges and a whole lot of water, so needless to say water sports are pretty popular in and around the city. It might not be the Med up in the North of Europe – but Swedes know how to make the best of what they’ve got… and they do it with great Scandi style.

  • Sailing

The next there is a hint of heat in the community air flow, out occur the boats; sailboats, ships, little engine boats and row boats. Boats can be rented with Stockholm, and in case you are not sure what you are doing you could rent a motorboat with a guide/teacher who’ll demonstrate the ropes. Sailing classes are extremely well known in the Stockholm area and also you are able to also join a team of like-minded individuals for 7 days at sea, learning how you can get around the mighty waters.

  • Kayaking

Moving far from the big boys, it is time being closer towards the water. Canoeing and kayaking are extremely popular, both in the internal city and out inside the archipelago. Guided kayaking as well as canoeing tours of the community can help you go over the typically serious motorboat visitors while you shift from island to island, though you are able to in addition rent a kayak or maybe canoe and investigate on one’s own.

  • Wakeboarding and water skiing

Wakeboarding as well as water skiing, along with wakeskating and knees boarding, are developing in popularity though you will not see it going on in the city centre. The aforementioned water traffic within the waters on the community centre make it too dangerous. Head out to Nacka rather, only twenty minutes from the community centre, in which you are able to practice on the open waters on the Baltic.

  • Surfing

You may be astonished to hear surfing is practiced in Stockholm – and also more shocked to hear that it is usually done in cold weather. Why? That is when the waves are perfect – and truly, who is concerned about mind numbing cold and a number of chunks of ice you may have to dodge? Surfbussen is going to cover your surfing needs, in addition to kiteboarding as well as SUP. The island of Kungsholmen particularly is huge on SUP. The waters of Lake Mälaren are fairly relaxed and the boat traffic a great deal less intrusive, because of the broad expanse of the lake,

  • Swim anywhere in Stockholm

You are able to swim anyplace in Stockholm, basically. When you would like to go from the stairways at giving City Hall into Lake Mälaren you are much more than welcome to do it. You are able to swim before the castle, the Grand Hotel, off of the rubble of Södermalm and someplace in between. For your best bet, head to Liljeholmen or Lidingö – where there are numerous casual swimming spots, including wooden floats anchored out in the water for the season.

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