Pregnancy and Self-Hypnosis — One tool for Natural Childbirth

Natural having a baby is a way of giving birth using no medications. Some women would even refer to this as giving birth by letting nature take its course. Moms-to-be who choose to give birth that way rely on relaxation techniques and are usually more in charge when going through the levels of labor and the actual delivery process. However some people may think that natural having a baby is about being self-sacrificial or bold, it actually provides the mom-to-be that feeling to be more in touch with the birth experience and bond with her baby in a more significant way. Because of this, natural having a baby has re-emerged as the preferred method of delivery. And to make the experience more empowering and rewarding, most would-be-moms prefer to go for the nearly pain-free tool for natural having a baby: self-hypnosis.

What is self-hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is an offshoot of a hypnotic approach, a practice which has been used in the nineteenth century even before Ether was introduced in surgery and obstetrics. This uses relaxed, gentle, and controlled breathing unlike in other methods which require forced breathing or hyperventilating. This, therefore, promotes a relaxed and calm experience, which attests to be very beneficial both for the mother and the baby.

In addition, self-hypnosis is also an effective method to alleviate or eliminate the pain associated with natural having a baby. Some people even look at this as a natural analgesic or anesthesia. This gives a mom-to-be to give birth without the use of any medication. If you go through this method, hypnotic trance state will be activated while you still participate in and feel the joy of having a baby. As labor on, you are able to relax each part of your body, imagining yourself in a place your location completely comfortable. This relaxed state is achieved through the positive suggestions fond of you, eliminating those feelings of cramps, difficulties, and worries and ensuring that breathing is completed in a right manner.

Why not use drugs for having a baby?

As mentioned above, natural having a baby does not use drugs. But you might ask, why would any mom-to-be consider having a baby without making use of potent drugs and rely on self-hypnosis instead? You have to bear in mind that there is a vulnerable being involved during حوامل pregnancy and birthing, and that is baby. The placenta receives the nutrients, antibodies, the body’s hormones, and oxygen from the single parent’s blood but even if it acts as a filter, most drugs can still cross its barrier and are given to to your baby. These medications can bring potential risks to the unborn. That is why if you will notice, even during pregnancy you are advised because of your obstetrician not to take any drugs which are not prescribed to you.

How to use self-hypnosis for natural having a baby?

The best and safest way to use self-hypnosis as a tool for natural having a baby is to seek aid from an experienced professional. This way, you are assured of a complete series of services that will help you learn the techniques in using self-hypnosis. For now, you may wonder if you will be able to remember any situation that happened during the entire labor and delivery process. Keep in mind that self-hypnosis is only a situation of deep physical and mental relaxation. As you go through this method, you will be deeply focused on the positive area of having a baby rather than the fear and tension. So, this does not imply you will lose out anything on such a momentous event.

Moreover, once you practice and master self-hypnosis through those services, you will be able to achieve eyes-opened a hypnotic approach. This way, you can talk and move freely during labor and use the other important tools to have a pleasant natural child birth using self-hypnosis such as massage therapy, using the bath tub or Jacuzzi, using gravity to support the child’s lineage, and often changing positions.

Self-hypnosis, as a tool for natural having a baby, really answers a unique need of future parents as you to experience the joy of giving birth more comfortably. If you make use of this tool, you should begin practicing the techniques early in your pregnancy. You must also have a complete trust on the technique and on yourself to enjoy a natural and comfortable having a baby.

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