Never Depend on The Tumbling Dice

Chance and chaos will never be dependable forces that rule life. But law and credibility, without matter to how much we like it or hate it at any particular time, are. Like running the chop in a game, a range can come up when chance and chaos are relied on like they are “law”. Cause and effect, to paraphrase Rob Waldo Emerson, in all reality are the genuine chancellors of definite luck and life. I once asked the “silly” question, “is life luck based? inch In short, I got the answer “yes” quite easily. Because everything we do depends on cause and effect and not chance or chaos. Think about it, if chaos were the original law, we might end up having to learn forever without ever knowing and life and existence would be all mistakes and not any success in any way or sense.

To my approach, the fact that there are success that are certain and based on law, and failures that are certain and based on the same law, negatively used negates the very theory of genuine chaos and relegates it to just an appearance, not a genuine reality. Sure, we can break legal issues and try to win against it irrationally, but the price will always come up in all “ugly reality”. On the other hand, we can follow legal issues to certain success, pay the realistic price and take our prize away “without strings attached” or bad consequences to fear. But, that only confirms my reality that there are no actual short cuts or easy ways to doing things. My point being, the only way through something is through in an well-kept, business focused fashion that works.

In short, working and working conviction does not have a master, it is the leader above all leaders. Reality works just in this way too. From the when my father and Dad said, “be patient. inch This is exactly what he meant, I know. Working and patient conviction is the leader above all Amethyst Dice leaders, and the person who practices it is great if they are genuinely consistent. Nobody is a failure who knows and practices fully this reality and law of life and existence. It’s this that Napoleon Mountain was actually getting at when he said and to paraphrase: “Every adversity and every failure includes a seed of later success and advantage. inch When you learn how to succeed, this is the most effective thing that can be said for success. Follow legal issues and get what you want giving what is wanted to others. Break legal issues and get what is coming to you. Cause and effect are the leaders and chancellors above the genuinely greatest leaders then. Nothing else works, nothing else has more clout in the arena of life and existence.

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