Need to Hockey Maintain your Preventing?

The NHL has allowed fighting pretty much considering that the league’s inception. Now the NHL general managers are going to have a look at whether they will keep it or change the principles about fighting.

Lets look at the positive and negatives of fighting in the NHL. One positive is that many fans enjoy watching the fights and it gets everyone riled up. In lots of games a target is not scored every period so there’s not a huge amount of action between scores. Many hockey fans I talk to take pleasure from the fights and mightn’t head to games or watch them if these were banned completely.

Another positive is that it gives hockey an original characteristic that other sports programs don’t have. You can’t see all out fights in basketball 하키중계 and football without players getting suspended for long periods of time. That and they rarely occur. Hockey has always embraced fighting, and claimed to function as toughest and most rugged of the four main sports. If the NHL got rid of fighting, the NFL would then take control because the roughest sport of the four. Even when no fight occur in a casino game, just the sheer proven fact that “it may happen” keeps many people entranced looking forward to it to happen.

Some negatives are that parents watching hockey and see fights might not need their children playing this kind of violent sport. Another reason is that it slows the overall game down, the NHL is trying to accelerate games by eliminating time stopping or slowing rules. Another may be the image, many people may not watch hockey because it encourages fights and doesn’t try to stop them. They may ponder over it “barbaric” or “not civilized “.

Furthermore, there’s the offhand chance maybe it’s to stop injuries from occurring. In the event that you punch someone in the facial skin multiple times there’s always a slight chance it may prove fatal. So far the NHL has been lucky and hasn’t had any deaths. I remember when Bertuzzi clipped some guy from behind and nearly killed/paralyzed him. It wasn’t a battle, it was a cheap shot, but due to the “let loose” realm of hockey, players think over the lines of “how can I really hurt my opponent “.

I believe however, that despite most of the negatives, the sport of hockey would lose lots of fans when they cut right out fighting. It is a much part of hockey as peanuts are at a baseball game. Just look at simply how much popularity UFC has been gaining, Americans want more violence, not less. You cut right out fights and hockey becomes as entertaining to an American as a soccer game

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