Guide Evaluation: Route associated with Gentle: Walking in to Serenity with “A Course in Miracles”.

This book review is part of a set that covers the topic of A Course In Miracles. Considered by many of its students to be their “spiritual path,” the book A Course in Miracles has sold over 1.6 million copies since its appearance in 1975. As its title suggests, its purpose is to teach us to work miracles to just accept and extend to others the shifts in perception that awaken us to God. Robert Perry could be the Official Guide to A Course In Miracles.

Book Description
“Path of Light” provides a new, superb, and penetrating summary of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), encompassing what it’s, how it had been written, what it teaches, and, primarily, how to reside it.

Internationally respected Course teacher and author, Robert Perry, has written this enlightening and comprehensive guide for new and experienced Course students, for spiritual seekers that are interested in or available to exploring the Course as a spiritual path, and for people who simply want to incorporate more spirituality into their lives.

“Path of Light” presents the Course the maximum amount of more than a group of transformative spiritual teachings that only discuss the target of inner peace and union with God acim. It emphasizes the Course as a practical and complete spiritual path that shows us a road we are able to walk along, one step at a time, to be able to actually reach that goal. It explains what must be done to walk this path; it answers the questions that can come up at different points as you go along; it describes the advantages gained from traveling this road.

Perry writes in an obvious, straightforward fashion, and, like a storyteller, he uses simple words to relay the deep truth of the teachings of ACIM.

Tougher than popular “self-help” summaries, yet more practical and engaging when compared to a scholarly analysis, “Path of Light” can provide a new standard of reference on the most remarkable spiritual teaching originating in modern times.

Foreword by Marianne Williamson, writer of “A Go back to Love”
Preface (Assessing A Course in Miracles) by Roger Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., writer of “Essential Spirituality”

Includes illustrations by Ken Bauer, a Glossary of Course Terms, and an Index.

About the Author
Robert Perry is definitely an internationally respected voice in the Course world, teaching extensively throughout North America and abroad. Perry taught at the Miracle Distribution Center in California from 1986 to 1989, and in 1993 founded the Circle of Atonement Teaching and Healing Center in Sedona, Arizona. Along with contributing scores of articles to various Course publications, he’s the author or co-author of nineteen books concerning the Course, including the most popular “An Introduction to A Course in Miracles which has sold a lot more than 200,000 copies worldwide.

Robert Perry brings to A Course in Miracles many years of private study and public teaching. His teaching grows out of his dedication to the Course as their own spiritual path and his desire to help others on their journey along this path.

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