Choosing your Asset Management Product

For service management business, the capacity to manage assets such as for example housing stock, buildings and the in-patient elements which will make up these assets (ie roofs, kitchens etc) is important to success.

You can’t spend the money for wasted time, effort, and cost of poor asset management. You will need to manage to easily manage assets in a single place, track the assets you have, where they are, just how much they cost, and more.

Information in a single place

It is essential to own asset information in a single place. So a method which records, stores and helps you to handle your assets needs to be always a single system. The one that is capable to real-time updates, so you’re confident the asset information you have available is the most current, providing an as much as the minute assessment of assets.

Integrated systems

Having your asset information in a single place is all well and good. But how is this information updated? How can you ensure you receive the most out of your mobile workforce to keep up as much as the minute information? How do new technology support asset management?

The answer to all of these questions can be found in the latest integrated field service management systems, which seamlessly integrate and blend not just asset management but also asset surveys, mobile workforce management, ktam workflow management and financial information, to call but a few.

What a built-in system offers is the capacity to manage assets efficiently and effectively whilst also linking this to other aspects of service management that may support asset management.

Like, the latest field service technology will use software that works on cellular devices, which means that your service management operatives can make real-time updates to your asset information whilst they are at properties or carrying out works to asset elements. By using mobiles, operatives can relay information back to the central system, ensuring your asset data is correct and as much as date.

You can use existing barcodes or create your own to test in and take a look at tools and equipment to employees. Asset Manager takes only a few minutes to download and install.

Track the fixed assets in your business

So whether you’ll need help monitoring where your assets are, if you simply need a better accounting of everything you have and just how much it’s worth, or if you want to integrate asset information with other service activities, the latest in field service management software will support your business.

Such software can manage and track your entire assets. You’re also able to install manuals, pictures, notes and more to your service records, then look them up again in a single place when you need.

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